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Let Us Restore Your Dull, Etched or Damaged Marble

There is a misconception that since marble is a stone, it does not require any maintenance. This is, unfortunately, not true. All marble needs some type of care and maintenance. Where it is installed — on floors, walls, countertops, vanities, or shower walls — will dictate the type of maintenance required. Marble is generally a soft stone and comes in many colors with different and beautiful veining. Some marbles are harder than others. The truth is that marble will scratch, etch, and lose its shine and luster if not maintained properly.

Marble & Limestone Polishing and Restoration

We are marble experts. We understand and appreciate its beauty and individuality. Our passion for what we do and our commitment to customer service set Tri-County Steamers apart.

When it comes to your Marble and Limestone, we offer cleaning, honing, refinishing, sealing, polishing, stain removal, etch removal and repair. We can restore your marble and limestone floors, showers, walls, fireplaces and more to like new, then we’ll show you how to keep them looking that way

marble polishing miami
marble floor restoration miami
marble floor restoration miami


Free Estimates-Give Us A Call Today 954-280-7985



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Complete Floor Refinishing Services

  • Floor Stripping & Waxing
  • VCT
  • Tile Refinishing
  • Floor Buffing Programs
  • Medical offices, dental offices, veterinary clinics, schools, markets, restaurants, breakrooms, restrooms and more…



Floor Stripping and Waxing along with a proper buffing program schedule is an important part of controlling facility costs. Flooring that is not properly sealed and protected with multiple coast of floor finish will result in unrepairable floor damage. A proper maintenance plan will protect the tile and extend the life of your floors which will save money in the long run.

Tri County Steamers specializes in Floor Stripping & Waxing, Re-Finishing and Buffing services for Vinyl Ceramic Tile (VCT), Laminate, Luxury and Solid Vinyl Tile product like Amtico, Spacia and other PVC constructed flooring. We also work with flooring installers and General Contractors in providing the final step of sealing and finishing a new floor installation.

Marble and Vinyl Polishing

Marble is one of the most beautiful stones to look at especially if installed on your floors. No wonder most homeowners are running for Marble polishing because of its aesthetic effects. Marble polishing will help this flooring material to get to its reflective potential. All people are looking for floors that are highly reflective so that they can see themselves through it. The beauty of polishing the marble is that it will protect your floor from being soiled again. Marble and vinyl polishing gives your floor the best tile refinishing that you can think about.

There are so many benefits that come with installing marble on your surfaces. You can enhance them by polishing your floor. It does not matter whether you have installed the marble on shower walls, vanities, countertops, walls or floors. Polishing will help you to enhance the realization of these benefits even further. The first benefit of marble flooring is that it is long lasting. This means that the floor will last you for a longer period than the other surfacing materials. It is the best choice if you want to get real value for your money. Marble will also eliminate the restoration need. It will also help you to remove scuffs and scratches from your surface. Don’t you think that this is one of the best treatments that you can give to your surface?

Resurfacing the floors will take out all dirt and stains. Once you polish your marble floors, you will not be expected to also reseal the floors as this may leave them with a dull look. You always have to use a sealer to seal your marble surfaces to as to prevent cracks from erupting. Therefore, you have to repair, clean, and seal marble surfacing on older floors before repairing them. There are different types of marbles and each of them call for a specialized treatment. It is wise to call a professional tile refinishing expert to advice you on the best approach for polishing your marble surfaces depending on the type of marble that you have in your home. Using the wrong approach may end up being counter productive for your home.

There are several approaches that professionals use to clean and refinish your floors. The most popular approach is marble floor stripping & waxing. They also repair and polish your floors in the best way possible. It is the best way to restore the beauty of your marble surfaces. In most cases, you will get free estimates as long as you are dealing with a reputable professional. These experts will also fix the mistakes that the contractors who installed your surfaces may have made. In case you can realize that there is grout in between your floor tiles, all you need to do is taking a bristle brush and use it to scrub away the dirt before you embark on the polishing process. You can join the floor buffing programs of the company to get maximum benefit from their services.

Marble and vinyl polishing will enhance the durability of your surfaces. The floors will be able to last for a longer period and this minimizes the level of restoration as time continues to tick. This is cost-effective in the long run because you will offer maximum protection to your surfaces and use this money to fund other projects. Your guests will also begin to marvel at how clean your floors are. Of course, there is no single person who is not longing for a clean floor in his or her home. Marble polishing is an effective and safe way to keep those surfaces tidy and neat all times.

You also need professional services to take good care of your VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) floors. In some case, you may discover that your floors still look dirty even after mopping. Maybe you did floor stripping and waxing a few months down the line but you cannot realize it now. Vinyl floors are very common on hospital hallways and business building and hence should always be welcoming. Apart from stripping and waxing, you also have to subject your surfaces to floor buffing programs. These floors also require frequent scrubbing and polishing and professionals will help you do it all.

Floor stripping and waxing involves removing the current wax on your floor and then applying a new one. Waxing can also be referred to as tile refinishing. The labor-intensive process uses low speed buffers to remove the wax. Use a mop in applying the stripper and allow it to rest for ten to fifteen minutes before running a low speed buffer over the surface with a stripping abrasive pad. This results into a combination of stripper and old wax that you can then mop up or vacuum. Keep on repeating this process until you are able to completely remove the wax. I think you now understand why this process should be entrusted to professionals alone. Some of the floors that have marble and vinyl surfaces include restrooms, breakrooms. Restaurants, markets, schools, veterinary clinics, dental offices, and medical offices and more.

You have to re-do the stripping process severally if you are dealing with an area that has a lot of wax. You have to apply a second solution of water and floor rinse during the stripping process so that the old wax does not dry back into your surface. In case the old wax dries, you have to repeat the whole stripping process so as to remove the wax again. Rinse the floor well after stripping to make sure that it is glowing clean. The most important thing is to get a high lustrous shine for your floor and this may call for the application of six to eight coats. The best that four wax coats can do is to deliver a medium shine.

After this, you now have to strip and wax your floor. The most important thing is to choose a highly experienced and skilled professional to help you achieve these results. Get to us through to get the best marble and vinyl polishing surfaces. The most important thing is to get the highest value from your investment.

marble polishing fort lauderdale
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